17 October 2010

Surprise Trip to New Orleans - A Guest Post

Guest post written by Zach Martinez

For our grandson's 15th birthday, my wife and I treated him to an all-expenses-paid trip to The Big Easy. It's only an hour out from where we live in Louisiana, and he'd never been before so we were dying to show him the city. It truly is a fascinating place for any kid to go--the street trolley cars that take you to and fro, the street vendors, the bands on every corner--it's a totally different world. One of the things he wanted to do the most was visit the Audubon’s new exhibit, the Insectarium.

That was quite an experience, itself. The whole place is filled with bugs to look at. There's even a tasting room, where visitors can stop in and try some of the edible bugs, like crickets. Of course Billy tried the crickets--my wife and I couldn't get the courage to, though. They also had this huge butterfly room you could go into, where hundreds of butterflies flew around you. One landed on my wife's glasses--it was the coolest thing!

The whole experience made me even more glad I went to HearingAidsbyMiracleEar.com the week before to get new hearing aids. They helped me enjoy the experience to its fullest, I think. We all had such a great time, that now there's only one problem: How will we top it next year?

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