20 October 2010

Still Here....

Well, the changing table and TV we were getting rid of are gone, but my old computer desk/work station is still here. I've only put it up a couple times on Facebook, as I really didn't want to officially 'list' it and deal with the crazies on Craigslist. But maybe that should be my next step.

It was a good desk for me, but now that I have my huge awesome desk, we really don't have anywhere to store even that small one. For right now it's on our enclosed front porch. If we had a real basement maybe we could stash it there, but the stairs are funny shaped and hard to get down (especially carrying furniture!), and we should probably be running a dehumidifier, as everything down there ends up feeling a little damp.

Okay, okay...I think I've almost talked myself in Craigslist or Freecycle...buh-bye desk!

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