23 October 2010

The Roasting of Pumpkin Seeds - A Guest Post

Contribution by Darren Saunders

One tradition that our family looks forward to every year is the roasting of pumpkin seeds. Of course, this always starts out going to the pumpkin patch to find the perfect pumpkin! Every year it seems to be someone's goal to find the craziest looking pumpkin they can.

Once home, the carving begins. First, the perfect design has to be found. Now, this can be done freehand or it can be traced. We have even printed designs off of the internet when we are looking for something really unusual or outrageous. With all our pumpkin carving tools, we set out to create some interesting looking subjects!

When scooping out the pumpkins, we take care not to toss away any pumpkin seeds. They are rinsed off, coated with oil, and placed onto a cookie sheet. We do sprinkle them with salt before roasting. It is enjoyable to carve the pumpkins while smelling the seeds roasting.

By the time the pumpkins are done being carved, the seeds are done and are cooling off. We then take our pumpkins into the living room and light them. The rest of the night is spent watching our satellite tv from www.direct.tv, looking at our glowing pumpkins, and munching on our delicious pumpkin seeds!

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