14 October 2010

New Toy Time?

So I think I mentioned we got a new TV a couple weeks ago. Now hubby is afraid we aren't taking full advantage of its awesomeness. His next plan is to get something that plays Blu-Ray movies. He considered himself lucky to find that a PS3 doesn't cost much more than a straight Blu-Ray player, and then we can play ps3 games too! I'm not really offering much resistance, since the last game system I had was an old Nintendo 8-bit when my brother had tired of it and passed it along to me. I can't argue at all when I see benefits for myself beyond just satisfying our original goal for improved movie quality!


Hf said...

We use the ps3 for bluray as well! Also netflix and huluplus ;-)

siteseer said...

I'm just glad I'll hopefully be able to operate it lol. That computer pass through thingy was way too much for this old brain.

The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

DO NOT tell Dick about this... ;-)