15 October 2010

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. It's almost 10AM and my daughter is making a bed on my office floor. And dragging stuff off of my tables to do it. Why??
  2. I totally thought hubby was staying home with us this morning. Since we actually move faster when he's gone, it's probably a good thing he went into the office for a couple hours instead.
  3. We're going to Outback for dinner tonight. It's sort of a Sweetest Day tradition, and tomorrow we've already got plans. I'm happy.
  4. Last night was Disney on Ice for me and Maggie (along with Ms Denise and Emma). The girls had a great time, and this morning Maggie said she wants to go again. I hope Emma got up for school okay - we were out late!
  5. My car has been reassembled and is mysteriously running again. Huh. I think it's time for a new car with less mystery.
  6. I think I need new shoes to go with my new dress. Just sayin.
  7. After I explained that Papa's mom made the blanket Maggie is bedding down with, she grabbed a giant pillow off the chair (from Home Goods) and told me that Naveen (from Princess and the Frog) made it for her. Now she's asking me who made the chair. It's all or nothing around here.
  8. Now she's arguing with me after I told her the store made the chair. "Nooo...stores can't make things. They don't have hands!" I give up.
  9. We've finally paid off one of my hospital bills from my heart procedure in March. One to go (I get bills for the 'procedure' done in one hospital, and for my overnight stay at the hospital next door...).
  10. My chocolate party on Sunday is expecting like 30 guests!! I'm hoping for a comma show! (That's what we call it when there's a 'comma' in the total, as in $1,000 or more!)


Shannon and Randy said...

I hit the out of pocket max on health expenses this year, so now when I go to the hospital it feels like it's "on the house." My bills there are definitely comma bills, lol!

siteseer said...

hmm I didn't know he was going to work today either lol. Love Maggie's imagination. Be sure to bring her lots of warm clothing for this weekend.