21 October 2010


So I've got lots of cleaning on my schedule today, along with starting to prepare for chocolate parties tomorrow and Saturday. First thing I've got to do once I get off the computer is clean the child ;) Yes, Maggie needs a bath. I'm sort of dreading it because I cut my finger last night on a glass casserole dish I didn't realize was chipped. I was trying to 'scrub' the rough part off, but it wasn't food - it was the raw edge of the dish - ouch! I've been trying to keep a dry bandaid on it, but that's about to end.

After Maggie and I are cleaned up and have lunch, I have to make sure to wear her out so I can do my other cleaning during her nap. I've got to vacuum my car so we can potentially trade it in tonight. It's not too bad - I shouldn't need protective clothing or anything - but I'll need to move the carseat out of the way and make sure to get the crumbs and grit out of the cracks. Yum! I got the big clutter out of the way yesterday (although I forgot to reach under the seats - there's something to look forward to...).

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