22 October 2010

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. This has got to be a quick list - I've got a fun car to drive, places to go, and people to see!
  2. I feel like I also have to blow my hair out before driving my hot car. Go figure!
  3. And I should finish my overdue library book so I can return it when we're at the library today. Whoops!
  4. Maggie is Jasmine today.
  5. Maggie is voting that I take a shower 'another day' so she can go to the library ASAP. I don't think the kid is gonna win this one.
  6. I have a chocolate show tonight to get ready for too. I think most of the paperwork is together, but I need to bake the cookies, and make two phone calls for outside orders. Yay!
  7. My finger still hurts where I sliced it on my chipped glass pan the other day. Ouch :(
  8. We still don't have our Halloween costumes for next weekend! I think we're going to do Jack Skellington and Sally. I saw a really cool Sally costume with sort of a twist. I think Costume Express called her 'Sassy Sally.' And I've already got tall black boots ;) I hope they have this costume at a local store!
  9. My nails are looking worse than ever. Since I've redone my desk, the file isn't as handy, so they are getting kind of sharp and raggedy in spots.
  10. I've had pizza kits for like two days now, but I think we're having leftovers for lunch again. It's faster when Maggie is so eager to get to the library!

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