20 September 2010

Workin It!

Hubby and I have sort of a standing joke that I'm not supposed to come home after a chocolate show til I have $1000 in sales (or sometimes some other goal number...). Tonight's goal was $560 to get me to my next level. I came close with $439.

Sometimes I spend my drive home trying to think of other ways (besides parties) to make up the difference toward my missed goal. Would magnets, magnet printing, custom magnet help? I've seen those on cars, or seen recommendations to give them to people so eventually your name will be on every fridge in town. I already invest in lots of stickers, sticker printing, label printing. I make sure my information including my name, phone number and email address are on just about every piece of paper that leaves my house for my business. I stick them on all guests' invite cards, my catalogs and order forms, my sale flyers, flyer printing, print flyers and even my sample chocolate bars and treats. I don't want someone to like something they see and not know how to contact me!

While I can't necessarily tell where each and every one of my customers has come from, I know business is going well. Whatever I'm doing is helping me get to my goals, so I'll keep it up!

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siteseer said...

You are definitely the best salesperson around! Keep up the good work