02 September 2010

Whiny Me :(

I'm still in a funk. I'm getting ready to sort of blame it on the weather, but that would definitely just make me whiny. I hate the cold - I've made no secret of that. But the super-hot humidity lately is keeping me in too! Where does that leave me? Checking out rv loans so I can travel to whatever sounds good at the moment. Ugh. I wish I didn't have to be around me when I'm so icky.

Trying to cheer me up is usually not successful. I know how good I've got it - thinking of that just really makes me feel even worse. I've got the world by the tail and I'm still surly.

The office is actually getting a little bit better. I'd like to eventually have craft surfaces for Maggie and I so we can work on projects, and then just close the door without having to put every bit away and get it out again to recommence working the next day. We'll see.

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