03 September 2010

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. Holiday weekend? Really? I hope it gets prettier out in a hurry. It's overcast, damp and dreary looking here :(
  2. I forgot to look through cookbooks last night while watching the movie (RV). Now I need to go do grocery shopping and I still don't have any new ideas for what to make. I'm sick of everything I usually make and would rather starve than cook.
  3. The movie, on the other hand, was better than expected.
  4. Maggie is running around in a t-shirt and her underwear. The shorts that match the shirt were involved in an...incident...earlier this week. They were washed last night and are on their way to the dryer. I told her we'll be able to put them on before we go to the store. Because we have to wear shorts in the store.
  5. This morning at almost 7AM (I'm assuming she was woke up by the alarm clock), Maggie stood by our bed and said, "I need something." I automatically responded, "What do you need?" She told me, as she climbed in our bed, "I need more room." Ya think?
  6. I actually like the leftover sloppy joes mix and Ruffles potato chips we already have for lunch. This leaves me even less inspired to go grocery shopping.
  7. I should really mail my student personal loan check when we go out today. I'm afraid it will take too long to set up in our credit union's system, and the payment is due next week.
  8. Now that my conference call is over and I've heard the washer stop, I should really go move the clothes to the dryer and get in the shower. But instead I'm trying to think of two more random things. Random things shouldn't be this hard to think of.
  9. And I shouldn't have ended that sentence with 'of'.
  10. Or started that one with 'And'.

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