28 September 2010

What Next?

I've considered what I may want to do to advance my business on many occasions. I had thought about whether I wanted the growth an Advertising Agency could help generate. They are the experts in getting more exposure to the right consumers for a product or service, or both. In my case, I'd be interested in creating more interest in selling my product, of course, but there are realistically only so many customers I can adequately service at a time. My desire would be to reach more people interested in a part-time job or a career representing the company I work with. I feel the number of customers and parties I currently have matches the amount of time I want to put into that aspect of my business, but growing a team could help me make more income exponentially while helping others get the income (and personal satisfaction) that I get from having my own business.

I mention the opportunity to own your own business to lots of people, from the hostesses and guests I see at parties, to other people on the internet, and people I know casually on social networking sites. An Advertising Agency, however, would know other ways of doing this that would never occur to me. It makes me glad I am open to explore other options when I see companies like That! AdAgency, who offer a free one-hour consultation! Who knows if they may have the secret to really expand the possibilities with my business, by doing something I wouldn't consider independently?

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