28 September 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts


My lazy afternoon just snuck away from me...hubby got home early after Maggie went down for her nap late. Oh well. I suppose he kept me on track instead.

My neck is killing me. I've still been sleeping in funny positions when Maggie comes in and wants to cuddle. I was going to try and go to the chiropractor today since I was near his office, but they're closed on Tuesdays. Dirty dogs.

I agreed last night to have a PartyLite candle catalog show. If you want to order, please let me know. You can order right from the show online by giving me your email address. Some of the new holiday scents are yummy! I got a big jar of 'Leaves of Fun.' I had a hard time choosing between that one and 'Hocus Pocus' (which I've loved for years!).

I had my first mid-day chocolate party today. It went better than I expected. We did a candy making party, where I showed how to make our adorable penguins and everyone got to make one of their own. I also made some delicious chocolates filled with our Raspberry Cabernet sauce - yum!!

On Friday, I painted my nails an excellent purple color to celebrate Hallow-weekends at Cedar Point, but the color started chipping off on our way to the park. I hate when nail polish does that! I finally took it off this morning so I'd look professional for work, but I definitely want to take an afternoon/evening to re-paint them soon!

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