08 September 2010

What the Hell Wednesday

Why will people not return phone calls and/or emails? How rude! I can think of several emails that I sent asking for more help or information - one of which I sent at the recipient's request - and then heard nothing back. Don't pretend you're there to help me if you're not even going to answer me. WTH?!?

Is it all me, or is everything more annoying lately? And maybe it is just all me, in which case, WTH??

I'm not much of an eater. I think I've mentioned that before. Let's leave aside how much of a freak you think that makes me. We're focusing on my issues here. Yesterday I made a 'practice run' of a chocolate filled with chardonnay caramel sauce. Just three little candies. I asked hubby to taste one for me, and he couldn't do it. Said he'd already had ice cream. I don't trust my own judgment on something being good or not. So I ate one, and it was fine. But will everyone else think it's terrible? WTH?!?

And since I'm blaming everything on everyone else today, I may as well go all the way. I have no motivation, because I feel ignored. What's the point of doing more phone calls or emails that (it feels like) will probably be ignored anyway? WTH?!?

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