09 September 2010


I know I tend to be kind of oblivious to a lot of pop-culture stuff, but it occurred to me today that I haven't heard of anyone going into drug rehab lately. Does that mean the stars are behaving (unlikely!), not getting caught (still kind of weird) or it's just not being publicized as much?

Hopefully they're saving a few up for that show with Dr. Drew with (usually washed up) celebrities in drug treatment. I can't even think of the name of it right now, but I think it was on the same night or channel as Intervention. I only (honestly!) saw a few episodes, but it always sucked me in long enough to watch the whole hour. If I recall correctly, they mixed alcohol rehab and drug people together. No wonder they filmed it all - I can't see that crowd having a lot of fun anymore, but at least they could still make money by having a name a few people still knew!

Interesting fact I heard once: A counselor said alcohol treatment was the hardest to complete successfully. Her point was that it could all seem to be going well in an alcohol treatment center, but once someone is out in the 'real world' again, there are ads and stuff for alcohol everywhere. What is an addictive substance to ruin one person's life is just social entertainment for someone else.

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