13 September 2010

Weekend in Review

How sad is it that I'm doing this post to see if I even can remember what I did all weekend?? Yikes!

Friday night took me a minute to remember, until I realized I didn't personally do much of anything. Hubby called in the afternoon to see if we had plans and say he wanted to go do another sea-trial with the boat. Luckily he caught us at the grocery store, so I didn't bother getting anything for dinner. Maggie and I shared a pizza and then spent our regular evening chilling.

Saturday we let hubby sleep in, but I took the initiative to make some rather random plans for the day. I told him I wanted us all to go to Hooters for lunch (what? I like the wings!), then we headed over to do not-much-of-anything at the mall. I finally dropped off my hair stylist's tip from my appointment in July (since they could charge my appointment, but not the tip), Maggie got to play in the play area for a while, and I had a coupon for a free pair of Victoria's Secret skivies. Go, me!
Saturday night hubby and I watched Grindhouse: Death Proof, which I liked way better than I expected (except the scene with Zoe on the hood - I HATED that part). And it's one of those weird movies where I like it better the longer I think about it afterward. Odd.

we had a whole lot of nothing planned again. Hubby's dad and his wife came by to trade vehicles with us for the week (they needed the truck that's stored in our backyard). After they left, hubby laid down with a headache :( He got himself back up again to join Maggie and I on our walk to the Dairy Queen (where he 'tested' the gas scooter he's fixing for a friend) and then his mom came over for a bit after we got home. I ended my day with lots of laundry so he could start packing for his next warm-weather business trip. Lucky boy!


Jodi said...

Free skivies are always a bonus!! So where is he going on this trip?

Becki said...

Gatlinburg, then Myrtle Beach, then flying home. :)