07 September 2010

Random Tuesday (even though it feels like Monday) Thoughts


Yeah. I'm officially completely confused today. I started looking for a Monday meme since my brain feels all beat up, but when I checked in with my regular blogs, they all had Tuesday stuff up. At first I was really impressed with them for being on the ball and a day early. Until I realized they're right on time and I'm still just barely wrapping up the weekend. Hope I catch up soon!

Maggie has become obsessed with getting a microphone. She saw one on the shelf in the toy section at Meijer. I didn't even take a close look. It was a Barbie something-or-other with a microphone (kid-sized) and a couple other accessories, probably toward being a rock star or something. Now Maggie has spent four days (so far) telling me she wants to go to Meijer and get a microphone.

I'm supposed to be making chocolates to practice for a demonstration I'm doing on Thursday, but I'm too busy being discombobulated about what day it is. And I'm also supposed to be making my five phone calls for the day. Ugh. I hate when I'm such a slacker.

The load of laundry that's going right now has several new fall outfits for Maggie - yay!! Her clothes are much more fun than mine nowadays! Hahahaha.... I felt bad over the weekend. All of her clothes that I'd packed were shorts and summer shirts, and it ended up being like 50 degrees. Poor dear :( I had plenty of warmer clothes for me, because I've worn the same size for years. She had some warmer stuff from birthday presents, but I hadn't cut the tags off and washed it yet. Sorry, Maggie!

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