07 September 2010

Joys of Technology

Hubby finally convinced me to jump on the 'Angry Birds' bandwagon yesterday, so I attempted to add the app to my new iPad. Easier said than done! It was taking way too long to sync or update or whatever it's called, so when the screen showed the app on my iPad, I ejected it and went off to play. But it wasn't there yet! When I plugged it back in, it took at least two more hours to sync or update. It was longer than that (I had to go to bed, so I'm not sure when it finally finished), but I don't know by how much.

Will the new knock-off iPad from Samsung be any better? I knew before I got my iPad that I hated iTunes, but since I won it for free, I couldn't make any other choice, you know? It is mostly fun, but I think it would be more fun and faster to acclimate to if I didn't have to use iTunes :(

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