10 September 2010

Home Sweet Home

Hubby's getting ready for another business trip, which usually leaves me some late night hours for organizing and decorating! I just realized this afternoon that this trip falls at the perfect time for me to get out all the Halloween Home Decor. Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I'm excited to add to my collection and have everything up for at least all of October this year!

Hopefully my motivation will make another pass through after halloween to clean it all up, and browse some Thanksgiving Tablecloths for our new dining room table. We inherited some old tablecloths along with the table and chairs, but they're...shall we say, well loved? I bet you get my drift. They've probably been around as long as the table, and hubby isn't quite sure how long that is! Actually number two on my list while hubby is gone is to stitch up the corners so the tablecloths will fit a little more snugly on the table. We both hate when you sit down and your clothes snag on the tablecloth, effectively pulling dinner into your lap (actually I don't know anyone who would like that!).

The third major task I'd like to attempt is washing or replacing our bedding. Poor Maggie was playing hide and seek on our bed the other day and when she pulled the comforter over her head, she promptly changed her mind about hiding there and said, "Ew! Stinky blanket!" I need to either get that to a laundromat with the large washers and dryers (which I worry about because there's beading on the comforter right now) or more likely browse a Down Comforter Sale or two. We haven't gotten new stuff since we got married almost six years ago, so it's time anyway.

In reality, I'll probably complete one, maybe even two of these tasks, but the odds of all three aren't real high. I'm almost disappointed in myself already!

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