03 September 2010

Beatles Mania - A Guest Post

Guest post written by Peggy Vargas

My 11-year-old grandson is just now discovering rock ‘n’ roll. Until now he listened to a lot of music on the Disney channel and Top 40 radio, but he said that he started listening to the band after one of his teachers made a reference to them during a lesson.

I couldn’t be more thrilled because I remember when the they first came out and I was a huge fan. The British Invasion was one of the best things that happened to my generation. I’m sure all that screaming though didn’t do my hearing any good because I recently had to get some hearing aides.

But with the hearing devices I can listen and hear music a little more than I had been in the past few years. My grandson telling me that made me make a Pandora Beatles station and I sent him the link to it through e-mail.

He’s even telling me that he wants Beatles Rock Band as a Christmas present now so we can play it together. Lucky for me, it’s a little cheaper now that it’s been out a while.

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