24 September 2010

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. I'm still feeling pretty blah overall. Starting to think I should do something about it. Maybe if I didn't feel so drained....
  2. Maggie and I were going to go walking through the garage sales at the subdivision next to us, but it looked too much like rain earlier, and now that it's clearing up, I don't want her to miss her nap since we'll have a long day tomorrow!
  3. My new desk is looking (and working) awesome! This morning Maggie pulled her stool up to a little side table that was moved out of the clutter and into the middle of the room and said it's her 'new desk.' She grabbed something that vaguely looks like a keyboard, and an extra mouse and proceeded to show me stuff on her computer :D I sure do love my girl!!
  4. I'm really bummed to be missing the Type-A Mom Conference this weekend. I'm registered, but we just can't swing the vacation expense right now. If you know anyone who wants a transferred registration, let me know. :(
  5. Just found out there are a couple people coming to our house tonight, so we'll probably go out for dinner since I don't have enough for that many. I wish I could think of somewhere I want to go and get excited, but it just isn't happening.
  6. And #5 means I should probably go put some make-up on too.
  7. I just can't sleep enough lately. I get a full night, still dread getting up in the morning, and am ready to go back to sleep again now. Ugh.
  8. It actually is starting to look like a breezy but beautiful day outside.
  9. I love asking if Maggie is sleeping during her nap. Because she always answers quite clearly that she is.
  10. I can see two little orange flags in the ditch outside my house. Doesn't that imply they're about to do some construction or something - at least digging, to be marking underground lines...

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siteseer said...

I love that Maggie wants to be just like her Mommy :) Too cute.