19 August 2010

A Vacation? For ME?

I am loving my job lately. I love staying home with my wonderful daughter during the day, and I love being successful with my chocolate shows. And by chocolate shows, I mean all 11 of them in August, three so far in September, and one way out in October (for now). September is proving to be a booking challenge, as I'd still love to do ten shows, but I'm only home for about two weeks! We'll almost certainly be gone over Labor Day, and then we're turning the time around the Type-A Mom conference into our family vacation. The big question now is where to go...

In surfing around the internet for somewhere different from home, but sort of on our way, I found http://avistaresort.com. It's sort of hard to be asking to go somewhere 'warm' when it was still mid-80s as I drove home tonight at 9:30PM, but I'm doing it anyway ;). This Myrtle Beach hotel could have me spending time in the lap of luxury, with pools, hot tubs and (my personal favorite) lazy rivers!

Maybe once I get some rest and relaxation I'll be ready for a bit of physical exertion (or not) in the form of some golf at one of the resorts in Myrtle Beach. Sometimes planning a vacation is almost as much fun as taking it, just wandering everywhere in my imagination!

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siteseer said...

A vacation in your mind is still a break from everyday. Something like reading a good book ;)