20 August 2010

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. Yay!! We booked our room for Type-A Mom conference last night!
  2. I had a great chocolate party last night, and another scheduled for tonight! I'm up to three parties so far for September. My goal? 10!
  3. I have so much to do today, but I'm telling myself that getting it organized here first will be the most effective way to accomplish it all ;)
  4. I'm loving the new binder I set up to organize my chocolate stuff.
  5. Maggie is totally loving my new iPad! Luckily Uncle Matt showed me how to turn off the WiFi access so she'll be prevented from emailing everyone ;)
  6. I'm really looking forward to catching up with a few friends on Sunday. My work is fun, but it's not the same as the friends I already have.
  7. My mommy and daddy will be home after this weekend! They've been gone all week and last weekend too.
  8. I told Maggie we're going to pick up her pictures today, and she's obsessed with wanting to have Rover's picture taken today. Rover is imaginary. This could be challenging.
  9. Maggie is loving Audrey the cat (who is real, and not usually exceptionally friendly). Audrey is tolerating her remarkably well.
  10. Why am I still on the computer?? I need to bathe Maggie and get my own shower in the next 48 minutes to be ready for a conference call, during which I'll get my post office stuff together. Then we need to go to the post office, the credit union, pick up pictures, and drop off daddy's gym clothes (which, oh yeah, I need to put in the dryer ASAP!). Then we'll head home to bake cookies and get everything else ready for tonight's chocolate show before MIL comes over to watch Maggie. Oh, so busy!!

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siteseer said...

do you sometimes wonder if you'd have a slower paced life if you worked outside the home 40 hours / week? You are one busy girl!!