26 August 2010

Thursday Thunks

It's time for Thursday Thunks!

1. To whom did you last give the finger? I think it was a guy last week who I drove past right in front of my house, after he'd passed another car in our no-passing zone, while traveling way too fast! Maggie was asleep in the back seat so she couldn't see me ;)

2. If you had 1,000 dollars and HAD to spend it, what would you buy? Oh, boy! A razor, because I've had to quit shaving for a bit til I can afford a refill for my fancy one. And then probably some fall clothes for the family.

3. What was the last beverage you spilled on yourself? I don't recall, luckily.

4. When was the last photograph you took? What was it of? I took a lot of pictures on Monday night of Maggie at Chuck E Cheese's.

5. Who was the last person to smoke a cigarette in your presence? My sister-in-law Sarah.

6. What animal did you last pet or hold? Our cat, Audrey.

7. What was the last superstitious thing you did? Hmm...I don't like to walk with hubby or Maggie and pass on opposite sides of a post or door frame or anything.

8. What was the last text message you received? 'Where are you?' from hubby last night.

9. Berleen has decided to buy twelve goats. If she trades three for some awesome pot, loses one while she was stoned, what do you think she did with the rest? Make something tasty to satisfy the munchies ;)

10. What was the last musical instrument played in your presence? Probably the guitar in the kitchen, played by either hubby or Maggie.

11. What was the last note that you wrote on your hand? I don't remember. I don't like writing on my hands.

12. Kimber announced that she was born on another planet. Which one do you think it was and why? I have no idea! How interesting..

13. What are you wearing as you answer these ridiculously stupid TT questions? My really crappy $5 t-shirt from Kohl's that is mis-cut and not very comfortable, and a pair of jeans.

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siteseer said...

lol I love the munchies comment lol