31 August 2010

Sunny Shores

The trip south at the end of the month is now up in the air. I wish we could stay at the http://www.grandeshores.com resort and play a few rounds of golf. Just some time to kick back, you know? But hubby's work schedule is getting a bit crazy. Maybe he'll stay at a Myrtle Beach hotel on his road trip and Maggie and I will just have to make our own fun at home.

We've tried a couple times to wrap our vacation around one of his trips, since he usually ends up quite a ways from home and flies back. Maybe Myrtle Beach vacation deals can make that an option this year. Want to join us? If you are in need of some extra cash for your getaway, consider applying for vacation loans!

Joining him on summer trips to super hot climates sounds a lot more appealing to me than shivering through some of his cold weather trips in the middle of winter to places so far north no one hardly ever visits there! I can always play outside and enjoy the sun til I head to the air conditioning, but spending the whole time inside to keep from freezing doesn't sound quite as pleasant, somehow...

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siteseer said...

I'll take either one.. :) anyday away from work is a good day :) Yes, I'm glad I have a job!