10 August 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts


I hope I'm not jinxing myself, but Maggie seems to have potty-trained herself! Last Wednesday she told me 'No more diapers.' Ummmm...okay! Today she's asking for one, but I told her I got rid of them all. She hasn't gone #2 yet, but I think it's on the schedule for today. And she's even slept in underwear the last two nights!! Go, Maggie!

What's up with websites wanting you to 'subscribe' to their paid services without even seeing what they've got? I checked out one of those fancy signature sites yesterday for my business stuff, and they wanted $9/month, but couldn't even show me if they already had one set up for my company! That'll be a big fat NO, guys. Like I'll pay you $9 and then I'll have to go find the graphics? Let me think...NO!

Not pregnant again. Just sayin.

I'm starting to feel a little fanatical about the business forum I love (BoB, for those who know it). I've started putting my notes from the chocolate conference up over there, but I think I'm the only chocolatier there. A bunch of chocolatiers hang out on a Yahoo! Group, but those are so horribly difficult to navigate - and then torturous because everyone re-posts the same questions since you can't find the answer given last month - that I refuse to type my notes there, only to have them lost in a week or so. Can someone hand me a ladder to get down from this soapbox? Thanks.

All the awesome short haircuts at conference were tempting me to get my hair cut short again. I'm resisting, so far. But I hate this horrible in-between length :(

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siteseer said...

your hair always looks cute. You have such a cute small face.