10 August 2010

Not for the Wardrobe

I love my job as a work-at-home-mom, but not for the wardrobe. This probably doesn't make sense, since there is no dress code and I can wear nearly anything I want. But being able to wear anything means no reason - hardly ever - for new clothes. If I worked in the medical field, for example, I wouldn't probably be wearing anything fancy, but I could pick out comfy and colorful scrubs, right? A dress code sounds like both a blessing and a curse to me.

I only have a few shirts I wear over and over, and a few pair of jeans I mix and match with. Sometimes I worry that I'll see the same people each week and they'll only ever see me in one outfit. I do own more! Yeah...like three or four outfits! If I had a job where I wore lab coats over my clothes, no one would expect to see something different each time we ran into each other.

Medical uniforms look more and more appealing the more I look at them! I never realized that even the scrub hats are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Really? I could wear the same thing every day AND never do my hair? Where do I sign? The uniforms are too cool to pass up!


B Boys Mom said...

Mix it up buy some scrub to wear when working at home.

siteseer said...

maybe it's time to take some medical training for the future lol