16 August 2010

More Blogging?

Now that Dove's chocolate conference is over, the next major event on my agenda is a blogging conference in September. I'm trying to blog more so I don't feel like such a phony when I go!

What else makes a better blogger? Should I have a dedicated server? I feel like the writing side I can (usually) swing, but anything more technical I'd need to have someone else in charge of! I would get totally lost trying to navigate something like colocation on my own...

Luckily there are plenty of companies that take care of managed hosting and the like for lil old bloggers like me, right?

I suppose the best part for me to focus on is posting regularly! What should I write about? It's so hard finding something interesting yet not controversial. And I have no desire to make waves among my family and friends that may read this... I suppose I'll probably be sticking with Maggie and chocolate until something else inspires me! :)

1 comment:

siteseer said...

I feel the same way about content. Sometimes I wish I'd started my blog anonymously and didn't tell anyone about it.... then I could write anything about anything. Guess this way there's not a lot of complaining lol Oh yeah, if it was anonymous I'd lose my two readers lol