06 August 2010

Huh. Strange Place for That.

The post office is (once again) on my errand list. I finally got my new catalogs in and need to mail them out to lots of people! All I ever use my mailbox at home for is getting my mail. Everything I need to send out is usually strange shaped or weighs too much for a regular envelope.

I've always liked the look of unique mail boxes. I used to enjoy living on the old west side, where the postal carrier went up to each and every porch to put the mail in the little box by the door. It was like a little slice of Norman Rockwell Americana or something.

The weirdest place I've seen mailboxes? It's on my mind because it was just this week. When I was working at the primary election the other day, there was a mailbox on the wall in the elementary school bathroom. There was no sign that it was some sort of suggestion box or anything. When I went to see if there was something stored in it or something, I found that the opening across the top was taped up. Very weird.

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siteseer said...

that is weird. I thought there might be feminine products or something. Weird.