06 August 2010

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. I was totally convinced today was Thursday. It's not.
  2. I've never had the weird combination of tired yet motivated that I have lately. I have grand plans, but I just can't do any of it. :(
  3. Very happy the Hungry Howie's guy let me get our free one-topping pizza with no toppings on one half and two on the other. Made both Maggie and I happy girls. :)
  4. Maggie has finally reached the point where quiet worries me.
  5. And when she says she loves me out of nowhere, it usually means there's a puddle somewhere.
  6. Tonight is the first of nine parties (and two other events) I'm doing with my Dove business this month. Yay!! Hoping to channel some of the wonderful ladies I met at conference and keep the ball rolling!
  7. I still wish my office was cleaner, but #2 and #6 aren't contributing well to that end.
  8. My camera isn't working lately. I'm very angry, but too busy with other things to deal with it yet. This is my brand-new, $650 camera that I ordered from a store in New York in June. Sometimes the shutter just doesn't go. I need to look at the manual and call them if necessary. Grrr......
  9. Hubby switched Maggie into her big-girl bed last weekend (yes, a couple weeks after her third birthday). She really hasn't given much trouble over it. We just need to remind her to stay in bed until it's light again. It's actually going so well I wonder why we didn't do it sooner. Huh.
  10. I'm trying to blog more regularly again. Hope you all (or is it both?) will appreciate it. :D

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siteseer said...

I appreciate it lol. Gives me something to read when I stop by.