13 August 2010

Always Mentally Redocorating

One of the other parts I like about my job (besides seeing happy people and sharing chocolate, of course), is seeing how everyone else decorates their homes. Last week I got to go to someone's house who is just in the process of moving in. One of the things they were most proud of was their new Ceiling Fan in the living room. It was really cool, with two lights on it and the fan. The room had a nice high ceiling and the fan kept a subtle breeze moving.

I loved it, and was more than a little jealous that it had probably just come from the stock of Hansen Wholesale Ceiling Fans. The fan blades were nice and clean and the light sparkled. Yes, I had ceiling fan envy. What's a girl to do?

I'm sure we'll have Ceiling Fans in any house we live in. If we're here much longer hubby has talked about replacing the one in our bedroom anyway. Some nights it sounds like a freight train! Now I've found a great source when we're ready to get the newest and greatest.


Tammy said...

What would we do with out ceiling fans. They sure help with this heat.

siteseer said...

I'd love to have an old fashioned attic fan installed, but yes, I've wanted ceiling fans in all the bedrooms for a while. We almost did it one time then something else came up. There's always something.