13 July 2010


I don't have a lot of good eating days, but today was one! Although I didn't have the cinnamon rolls I was dreaming of for breakfast, I did finally get to enjoy the toast with Cheez Whiz that I've been wanting for as long as I can remember. That was chased down with a lovely mid-morning snack of raspberries for me (along with blueberries and carrots for Maggie).

Lunch was good, but not quite my favorite, variety of pizza. If it's just up to me, I usually go for mushrooms and bacon, but today there were four of us so I suggested plain pepperoni to be agreeable. I did get the butter cheese crust, though - yum!

Dinner was my favorite - you know - anything made by someone else! Tonight's version of my favorite was dinner during a business meeting at one of my favorite steakhouses. I ate every bite, but somehow forgot to have one of my favorite rolls with cinnamon butter - I have no idea how I forgot that!!

Now I'm washing it all down with some Dove Dark Chocolate and Mint baking bits. (And I should go with a quick dose of phentramine so I can do it all again!! Hehehehe)


Tammy said...

Sounds like you had a yummy day :)

siteseer said...

sounds like a good eating day ;)

Amanda West said...

I grew up eating Cheez Whiz sandwiches!!!!!!! YUM!!!! (Toast 2 pieces of bread and spread CW on it!!!)