13 July 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts


I think my headache is wanting to come back again with all the changing weather (it's finally cooling off here again!). Last time it went away when I drank about a ton of water, but today? I'm not thirsty for water. Yeah, whine much?

And speaking of whining, it's starting to look like rain outside. I don't like driving in the rain :( Hopefully either: A) hubby can make it home from work in time to come with us to my meeting, or B) it doesn't rain after all.

Okay. Option A may still be available, but option B has been negated by the thunder and splashing outside my window :(

I am looking forward to dinner tonight. The meeting I'm attending is held at one of my favorite steakhouses. :) I love me some steak! And salad. And probably some sort of potato on the side. And the yeast rolls with cinnamon butter! Oh yeah.

I'm also excited for tomorrow. I get to enter my chocolate shows from the weekend since the checks from customers will finally have cleared my account. Think I can win another iPad. My mom says yes. And my mom always tells me the truth, right?

1 comment:

Tammy said...

I think you will win also!