16 July 2010

Shopping Extravaganza!

Well, only two stores, but it would have yielded a big ole piece of paper from one epson receipt printer. I picked up lots of individual items to fill the pinata with. There will be four little girls and one little boy, so I was trying to get not all 'princess' stuff. And one of the little girls is two years younger than any of the others, so I couldn't get all 'preschool' stuff either. One girl is a few years older, but she'll have to suffer through with her little sister ;)

Besides a giant bag of dum-dum suckers, we got candy necklaces, candy watches, and candy sports bracelets. Happily, that's it for the tooth-rotting portion of our list. Then I got a dozen little animals, a dozen little insects, some of the rubberband bracelets, some 'attitude' bracelets (they have words like STAR and DREAMER on the thicker rubber bands), star wands, Maggie picked little kaleidoscopes, bouncy balls, bead necklaces, monster finger puppets and buckets for them to decorate with stickers and put all their loot in. The last item we got only one of - a 'Birthday Princess' tiara for our little birthday girl.

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siteseer said...

they loved it all, but I think you could have just bought the candy necklaces lol. what a hit!!