18 July 2010

Let Birthday Week BEGIN!!

This coming Friday, our baby girl will be three years old! While she decided long ago that her birthday party would be bugs, and would feature a ladybug pinata, it didn't all kick off til this weekend.

On Saturday we had most of the family and a few friends over for her primary birthday party. We did indeed feature ladybugs on the balloons, plates, cups and her cake, as well as her pinata. She got lots of great presents from everyone including a dress up set from Gigi that has some slippers (little plastic heels) she won't take off, a beautiful new bug quilt and pillow from Mimi that she just loves, some fantastic clothes both for now and the fall, and several new Barbie dolls (the 'Barbie' name used loosely, since her collection has Ariel and Belle, as well as dental hygienist Barbie and her patient, and mermaid Barbie).

After opening her big stack of presents inside, we headed outside to look at the one Aunt Alicia and Uncle Rob couldn't quite wrap up...
Luckily hubby got outside first and was able to get pictures of her first expression as she exclaimed, "My new bike!" Her reaction was adorable! Although she isn't getting the hang of the riding part at all yet, she loves the horn and asks during the day to go out to the garage just to beep her horn! Silly girl. I think someone suggested bringing the horn in the house - ummm....NO!

All in all, Maggie has had a great birthday weekend! I think I've got a few pictures of her singing along with the birthday song with everyone. I love watching her pick up on everyone else's social cues. She followed her friends' leads (thanks, Emma and Celia!) to know what to do with the loot from the pinata, how to pick and open her presents, and blowing out the candles on her cake (okay, I think she knew that one before!).

Happy Birthday to my very favorite girl in the world!!!


daisy said...

Happy Birthday. She's so cute!

siteseer said...

She was absolutely adorable!!! check out my blog for more pictures... www.wheretheroadtakesus.blogspot.coom

The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

Happy Birthday, Maggie! What an awesome party! Very sweet!

siteseer said...

just noticed my wrong address. go here for more pictures and videos http://wheretheroadtakesus.blogspot.com/2010/07/peanuts-3rd-birthday.html