09 July 2010

Healthy Me!

I know we've talked about my atrocious eating habits, but I'm still kicking (even though I just had a chocolate cookie for dinner - at 10:30 at night...).

Sometimes it's amazing I've made it this long :( But as I've gotten older, I finally need to eat breakfast. It used to be my most-skippable meal. Now I get up and have a piece of cinnamon sugar toast (although I've been wanting some Cheez Whiz lately) and a full glass of water while I take my prenatal vitamins and my 81mg heart-healthy aspirin. Don't worry - I eat much better when I'm actually pregnant, I just keep taking the vitamins as long as it's a possibility!

At least I tend to make up for my skipped meals. I think tomorrow I'll have a fish filet and some corn for lunch. YUM!! And maybe another of those cookies ;)

1 comment:

siteseer said...

You eat okay when someone provides the food lol. Everything tastes better when prepared by others.