09 July 2010

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. I think I like the Double Chocolate Chip Cookie dough best, but the Truffle Fudge Dark Chocolate Cookies best when cooked. Complicated.
  2. I'm really tired, but I'm still unwinding from all of my excitement today - I got GREAT news this morning, then had a super-fun show tonight.
  3. I WON AN IPAD THIS MORNING!!!! Thank you, Dove Chocolate Discoveries!
  4. I am a total nerd when it comes to direct sales. I love the business end of it. I don't think that's the most common reason for doing direct sales.
  5. We've got a fun weekend planned! I have yet another chocolate show tomorrow, then Sunday we're going to a friend's BBQ.
  6. Next week I have no chocolate shows, so I may be able to try and work on the office again. For the record, it does get a little more picked up each time I have a couple days...
  7. I'm getting really excited about chocolate conference at the end of the month. And seeing SA again. We always have fun together :)
  8. Did I mention that I won an iPad this morning??? Oh, yeah, I guess I did :P
  9. As much as I love the money from selling chocolate, I think the recognition and sense of accomplishment may be worth even more. Just sayin...
  10. Hopefully I'll use some of my 'down-time' next week to try and work more on my pictures and my photo blog too. I think it would make me happy.

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