08 July 2010


I like to feel grateful. It's a happy, contented sort of feeling. The other day, as I heard my husband sneeze (darn allergies!), I thought of something really weird that I'm grateful for.

I'm really grateful that I didn't stay with the ex-boyfriend with completely disgusting, nasty sneezes. They were juicy, chunky, pull-the-car-over-cuz-he-can't-sneeze-and-drive-at-the-same-time sneezes. Hopefully, you've never experienced this level of grossness. Really.

I don't recall if it was just when he had an exceptionally bad cold, or if it was every single time he sneezed. I'm just glad I'm not anywhere near him now, and I'll hopefully never see another sneeze like that in my lifetime.


Tammy said...

That sure sounds like something to be grateful for. Yuck on juicy chunky sneeze.

Unknown said...

That's nasty. ;)

siteseer said...

eewww!! Tammy was just saying she didn't know a body could produce so much snot lol. guess she is producing a lot :)