08 July 2010

Some Days....

Some days, I miss my old jobs.
Some days, I miss calling people to remind them to pay the mortgage they agreed to only months before, but haven't bothered to make a full payment on.
Some days, I miss reading the handwriting of seventh graders and trying to make sense of it, especially when it's telling me totally different information than they've been asked.
Some days, I miss trying to figure out how to make a family's income stretch to meet the payment arrangements I've been able to set up for them.
Some days, I miss ranking search terms and changing their bids by pennies to get the most bang for the company's buck.
Some days, I miss planning a staff meeting for 50 who won't appreciate it anyway (okay, that one I really don't miss...).
Some days, I miss reading doctor's handwriting to decipher, correct the spelling, and enter histories with weird words and acronyms like COPD, pronexin, and penicillin.
Some days, I miss having somewhere I'm expected, if not fully needed from 9 to 5.

Today isn't one of those days. :) I'm loving spending the days with my adorable daughter, and spending just a few evenings a month going out and sharing chocolate, and making cash doing it. Some days, life is good. This is one of those days.


siteseer said...

I'm waiting for the day that I'll miss my job. lol.

Shannon and Randy said...

Good post! It feels good to like what you're doing! :-)

Tammy said...

I miss the days I spent at home with my boys. They were great days.