01 May 2010

Look What We Just Saw!!

Hubby mentioned this morning that he thought President Obama was in town today to deliver U of M's commencement address. Shows how out of touch I am that I had no idea until he said something. We promptly crossed the museum in Ann Arbor off of our list of possible activity options for the day but didn't really think about it again.
We headed out to try and get some engine parts for the boat, then were driving around looking for either a post office or somewhere for lunch when traffic got really backed up.
A mile or so past the back up we found what the issue was. As we were stopped at the corner of Eureka and Middlebelt, I got this picture....way in the distance you can see Air Force One! Hubby knew to look for it when we saw several huge helicopters flying in formation, and I noticed there was absolutely no other air traffic, even though we were right by the airport.
Kind of exciting. We drove through the airport and around a little bit to see if we'd get a better view, or happen to watch them take off, but this shot (and a couple more just like it) were the best ones we got of our days unexpected brush with fame :)

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you're right, that is kind of exciting.