05 May 2010

Gimmee a Pill!

I have an ongoing debate with myself about my own nutrition and health care. I don't like taking antibiotics (although I have no problem with 'good' prescription pain killers - go figure), but I will take vitamins all day long. With all the annoying spring pollen and such, and my current inability to take the sinus meds I like best, I'm loading up on the garlic, vitamin C and vitamin D. Hope it works!
What really amazes me are all the ready packaged vitamins - I've seen em for your hair, for your nails, vitamins for acne, something to increase your focus...what was I saying? Yeah, you get my drift. I'm not sure if my combination is what would be bottled up for sinus and allergy stuff, but I'm sure hoping it works!


Carolyn said...

find honey that is locally sourced and geographically as close to you as possible. It will help with the pollen tolerance. A teaspoon a day if I remember right. I just throw it in a cup of tea at some point during the day. Found mine at the farmer's market. And they farm it less than 2 miles from my house.

Tammy said...

I think vitamins do work. I like Carolyn's comment about honey I think I'm going to try it.

siteseer said...

I take stuff for my nails... they really work. Honey? gotta find me a farmer.