07 May 2010

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. Rain?? We were going to take a long walk with friends today....back to the drawing board, I suppose!
  2. I've got two leads in the last two days who say they're interested in having a chocolate show. Hopefully they'll book for May - yay for a busy calendar!
  3. My poor mom is sick for Mothers' Day weekend :( I'm sad for her - we were all going to get together tomorrow, but of course she doesn't want to share her unknown ailment...
  4. And I'm moderately disappointed in my own work performance. I thought I was in my groove yesterday...I did get a little more than four hours in, with perfect daily score, but I didn't finish any more papers on average than usual. So much for my 'groove.'
  5. Next time I get truffles, I've got to get Maggie a bag of M&Ms. She kept popping a whole truffle in her mouth, then saying, "Mmmm...good." Then going for another one. Whoa, kid! Stop and enjoy them!
  6. I think it's just about time to take the chipping polish off my nails and start again for the weekend. They don't end up looking too terrible if I polish them with at least clear (and usually fix the nicks) every day.
  7. Hey - I just remembered - I think today is Kristie's birthday!! I hope she has a great day, and a fun Mothers' Day weekend!
  8. It's only 9:30 , and I've already taken three phone calls! Busy day so far - hopefully it'll keep ringing, but with people who want to book shows and be chocolatiers! Just a suggestion ;)
  9. Story time at the library has ended again. We've got to keep getting together with our friends Denise and Celia, though! Scheduled events make getting together so much easier. ;)
  10. I'm feeling brave - Maybe today's a good day to paint my nails and Maggie's....


Tammy said...

You are very busy. I hope your mom feels better really fast. It's no fun being sick. I need to do my nails too. It just takes time and I have not had a lot of that. Have a wonderful Mothers day.

siteseer said...

My unknown ailment is still hanging on..... what the heck is going on? The chocolates were a delight.