19 April 2010

We're Busy Bees!

First off I wanted to share this picture I took of Maggie last week. It reminds me of one of myself when I was about five years old, standing outside my elementary school. And I like looking like Maggie (okay, or her looking like me...).

Her personality is getting to be a little..erm..livelier lately. Daddy is sitting in her room now. We tried putting her to bed, even after she'd had a shorter than usual nap this afternoon, but it didn't work. She wanted to go to our bed, or have someone sit in the chair in her room, or just plain get out of bed. Luckily daddy got done with his outside work so mommy could watch 24. One show all week, I think that's fair, kid!

And as much as she wanted to stay up, I'm looking forward to going to bed. My neck/shoulder has been bugging me the last couple of days. Ordinarily I'd be able to take a nice hefty pain pill and it would relax and pass, but while I'm on the blood thinners too, I'm out of luck! And an achy mommy is a cranky mommy :( I went to the chiropractor earlier today - hopefully a night's rest will put everything back where it belongs so me and my girl can have fun tomorrow.


The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

Cute, cute pic!

siteseer said...

I remember this picture too. She does look a lot like you. Both beautiful.

Shannon M. Smith said...

what a cute picture!

Tammy said...

Very sweet picture of Maggie. I just watched 24 last night. It was good. What are we going to watch when its over?