21 April 2010

C'mon Summer!

I'm always ready for warmer weather, but right now I'm dreading showing my arms, of all things. I've got three or four doozies of bruises on my arms since I've been taking the blood thinners for my heart, so I still want long sleeves for this week or so.
I noticed last night that my pants are getting baggier - huh? Was surgery some magical best diet supplements or something? Of course, having had the same jeans for like three years, maybe they're just finally wearing out. I suppose one belt to go with all of them will be cheaper than buying new jeans.
And once it warms up just a smidgen more, I think my shorts may be fitting pretty well!


siteseer said...

or you could try eating lol. Most of us eat 3 (or more) squares a day... try it and you jeans will fit perfectly. <3

Tammy said...

I'm dreading wearing summer clothes for more then my arms. I wish my jeans were getting bigger. You are nice a skinny already you sure don't need to diet.