29 April 2010

Thursday Thunks

As far as I can find in my own silly tags, this is my first go round with Thursday Thunks - enjoy!

1. Robins have red breasts. Why are their eggs blue? It's complicated. It has to do with the filtering of the color red as it goes into their little birdy bodies and away from the oxygen. Kind of like the opposite of why blood is red when you're losing it, but blue in your veins. Get it?

2. The doorbell buzzes at the same moment the phone rings. Who was on the phone? Just check the caller ID and find out!

3. It seems that there are several very popular memes each day of the week. Which meme did you first become a regular of? I don't really remember. I did Thursday Thirteen for a while. Now I like the easy ones like Tuesday Random Thoughts (which I keep forgetting to do lately...).

4. It is about time that Berleen and Kimber meet in person. Should we start a collection to fly one of them to the other, or just hope Thom's bus and get from Hawaii to Kimber in Arizona and take her to Berleen in Minnesota? You can start a collection if you'd like. I don't know who you're talking about just now though. They should all arrange to go to the same blogging conference - somewhere in the middle?

5. Tell us about your pets. Do you have one that you wish would run away? I only have one cat now. Her name is Audrey and I don't want her to run away. The dust bunnies, on the other hand....

6. What was the last thing colored red that you wore? I think I have a pair of red underwear. I shop at Target too much to have a red shirt. I hate when people mistake me for someone who works wherever I'm shopping.

7. I have a train that runs by where I live several times a day. I actually find it peaceful. What's the longest journey that you have taken by train? I think I've only taken one journey by train. When I was in school our Girl Scout troop took a train somewhere in Canada. Since then I've just done the train that loops around the zoo or an amusement park.

8. If Kimber threw a five dollar bill off a building that was five stories high, and Berleen threw a twenty off a build that was six stories high, who do you think would find the money? Hopefully someone who would appreciate it!

9. If reincarnation really happens, whose life would you like to know that you have already led? Hmm....someone who could cook, just so I could know I'd done it once-upon-a-time.

10. What are your three favorite possessions? My car. My wedding band/engagement ring. My penguin pajama pants.

11. A lot of people still believe that Elvis is alive. Have you ever worn blue suede shoes? No. But I do have some cute pink tweedy ones.

12. Do you have siblings? If yes, are you anything alike? I have one younger brother. We're not very alike, but that's okay now that we're more mature. :)

13. Has anyone ever asked you to strip naked and cluck like a chicken? My attorney has advised me not to answer this.


Wendy said...

Tag your it. Photo meme. Details at my blog. And I don't think I've ever seen you nake and clucking like a chicken.

siteseer said...

you have a wise attorney lol. Interesting meme