02 April 2010

Like a Hurricane!

I have to say I am making good use of my day without a toddler underfoot. I think I'm keeping busy in part because otherwise I'd be missing my baby (oh yeah, and hubby), but hey, whatever works, right?

My done list includes: five business phone calls made; tried to call and schedule follow-up with my cardiologist (left a voicemail); made 16 greeting cards (which will mostly be used as thank yous); and searched far and wide for Easter decorations and Easter baskets (no luck there....where could they be??).

Still to do: mail thank you postcards to guests from March chocolate shows; work on Maggie's scrapbook (hopefully); eat some of the leftover Chinese in the fridge for dinner (so glad it sounds good, instead of just wanting a diet supplement to get something in me fast...); and putter around cleaning up some of the office.

What I've done that I shouldn't have: left MTV and 16 and Pregnant on for like four hours straight. Those people are driving me nuts! And remind me to never, ever leave it on when there's, like, a, like, cheerleader who, like, doesn't want to nurse because it will, like, ruin her body. ARRGGHHHH!!!
I've switched over to What Not to Wear now and I'm much happier :)


The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

A day without your toddler!? How did you manage that?? How can I get that?? :-)

siteseer said...

Of for some mindless tv.