12 April 2010

I Refuse to Have Bad Luck

That's right - I refuse to have bad luck. A while ago I started trying to cut internal chatter like, "That figures," or "Just my luck," from my vocabulary when something unfortunate happened. It's working. "Isn't that the way it always happens?" Well, no, not in my world! I watch for the good things to happen and I can usually find them.

Which brings me to my current streak of bad choices regarding check-out lines at the grocery store. See, it didn't even merit a mention in a post the first time last week because it was just a one-off - things usually go my way! But when we got in line last week at Kroger, the lady in front of me was not aware that things usually go my way. Either that, or she didn't know that hanging out in line with a toddler is seldom a bliss-filled experience.
The woman had one cart of groceries. I figured it was a good line choice. But then she started dividing her one cart into three or four separate bills. And she need to bag half of them herself. The bagger apparently didn't look competent enough to handle her canned goods. Go figure.
Once she was done paying, she started bagging. She was still bagging after my full cart was checked, bagged, and loaded sideways into a cart in the next aisle over by the bagger. Luckily Maggie didn't voice any complaints.

Today? I got behind two women with only one cart. Should be a breeze, right? But they had to partially unpack the cart while they determined which groceries belonged to which woman. Seriously?
And then they scrutinized all of their items as they rolled past on the conveyor. Of course there were a few things they realized they didn't need after all.
Once both of their orders were scanned, bagged, back in the cart and paid for, they started - while still standing at the register - to go over their receipts and compare them to the sales flyer.
C'mon people!

I refuse to have bad luck, but I'm learning about making smarter choices. Last week I decided I should stall before I actually load my groceries on the conveyor and commit to a check-out lane. Today I learned that two woman and one cart could spell trouble.


siteseer said...

Your life seems to be about lessons lol. Both you and Peanut. My latest lessons come from 'soccer Mom's'!! They are teaching their children to be disrespectful of the law and how not to read. Grrrr!! Another day... for now things are going my way.. that's a nice boat to be in.

Ann Arbor Amy said...

Hi, Becki. This is a new approach, but why not? Let me know how it goes.