12 April 2010

Fun Evening

Maggie had a friend over tonight. Okay, at her age I guess that isn't how it really happens. The reality is, a friend of mine has a daughter close to Maggie's age, so the four of us had a 'play date.'
We don't get to do it very often, since my friend is going to school for - here's the quote - "more letters after [her] name." Fortunately she enjoys her job, so the degree will further her career and she likes it! Go figure :) She does something financial, I think. Maybe she's the one to ask about cheap term life insurance quotes?
Anyway, the two younger girls both seemed a little tired or less interactive than when we got together a couple weeks ago, but it still went okay. Maggie seemed to be sharing a bit better this time and I only heard her growl MINE once or twice...yes, I can call that a success :)

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siteseer said...

Sharing can be a hard lesson to learn when you are at one person's house and they are the only one that has to share.