07 March 2010

What a Fun Weekend!

Busy, busy, busy and fun!

We started out yesterday morning by going to the Nursery School Olympics. What a great event! They had probably close to 20 different activities for toddlers and pre-schoolers. Every 'event,' like the Obstacle Course, the Marshmallow Shot-Put, the Big Wheel Race and the Pirate Tug-of-War had a special sticker to put on your sheet that listed the events (so you could be sure to do every one), and then everyone got prizes! There really wasn't any competition, and each of the activities we did were individual, not actually against anyone else. The last activity to complete was getting your medal and getting up on the podium to get your certificate. It was great for Maggie, if somewhat over-stimulating!

After the Nursery School Olympics, we headed over to MicroCenter to get a new laptop! Yay! Having a laptop will make it much easier for me to accept some computer jobs, since I'll have a reliable back-up machine, has made it easier for us (mostly hubby) to clear off my desktop and reformat, and I'll also be able to take a laptop with me to chocolate shows in different tax areas and charge the right amount for orders, since I can enter them on the spot. Very exciting! We also got the newest and best-est virus stuff, and a new ergonomic keyboard for me - it is super!!

Since we were already out and about, we then went to the mall to browse a bit and get some spring work clothes for hubby. Maggie was bribed to good behavior by knowings she'd get to play in the kids' area once we were done with mommy and daddy's stuff. She's having such a good time playing with other kids lately!

Today she got to play in another mall play area while mommy went to her Cakes for the Queen of Heaven class, then we all enjoyed a walk in the nearly 50 degree evening before dinner. We're winding it all up with two fixed up computers, a bit of progress on cleaning up the office, and some chillin time for mommy and daddy, since Maggie went right to bed tonight (as opposed to the last few nights...ahh, life with a toddler...).

Hope you had a super weekend as well!


siteseer said...

Talk about the trifecta!!! Maggie looks so excited and you have to be thrilled with your new laptop. And hubby... yep he's going skiiing!! One happy household!

Shannon and Randy said...

Sounds like a fun weekend for everyone involved! Yay for new laptops. I like how Maggie's picture makes her look like she's about to say, "I'd like to thank my mom, and my dad, for their support..."