21 March 2010

Weekend in Review!

Friday: Luckily it was a beautiful day weather wise - I spent most of it on the road! Maggie and I got up in time to go drop her off with Papa so I could go to my cardiology appointment. While none of it is super far, I was in the car for an hour and a half so far to get to my appointment. After my appointment, I had the afternoon more or less free, so I drove another 40 minutes to pick up my niece before driving just over an hour to take her back to Papa for the afternoon/evening.
Once I got back to Mimi and Papa's, we stopped to show off the girls at Mimi's office for a few, then Mimi and I headed to a Sashay jewelry party while Papa and the cousins stayed home to play. The girls had a ball (and Papa too, of course, except for a couple 'gifts' Maggie made for him in her diaper...).

Saturday: The morning was pretty laid back. After her crazy party night, Maggie slept til 9 AM, then we got going at a nice leisurely pace. I got some laundry done and got ready for my chocolate show that night.
Early in the afternoon Mimi and Papa came over and we went Easter dress and shoe shopping. It was a successful trip - we found a perfect dress for Easter, and Maggie also found another dress she needed. From there we went on to find pink glitter shoes to go with her dresses, and silver glitter tennis shoes. What else could a two-year-old girl need?!

Sunday: Today we were happy to have daddy back home for the day! Once we finished breakfast at Denny's, we headed out so I could go to my class while Maggie and daddy had their standing date at the mall play pit. When I was done we headed to the Hands-On museum. I was excited because I hadn't been yet. And Maggie was thrilled because it was her choice of activity. Daddy had asked her in the morning what she wanted to do with him and she said, "Go to the moooseeeum." So we did :) It was a fun trip for all of us.
This evening I'm catching up on some chocolate paperwork and hubby is packing for his next trip (pleasure instead of business this time). I'm eagerly looking forward to having my heart procedure definitively scheduled tomorrow so I can get on with planning the rest of my spring for business and pleasure!

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siteseer said...

you are a busy busy girl. I don't know if I'd like your pace although I usually have similar schedule. Time wise, not kid wise.