18 March 2010

Last Day...

So this should be my last day of this term of topsy-turvy inability to plan. Tomorrow I really want to get my procedure scheduled, so I can finally book things around that (and a few days after that...).

Tomorrow I'd rather do my job as our home budgeting software and send hubby's paycheck out to the people waiting for it, but that'll wait until probably Monday. Since he's paid every other week anyway, we're getting further ahead each check. I have our budget set up for twice a month, and we'll get three checks in April - yay!

Once my appointment with the cardiology team is done tomorrow, I'll be ready to get the party started. I'm hoping to stop by the chiropractor's office, since I'll be nearby, and then going to a party with mom while Maggie and her cousin stay with Papa.

With tomorrow all booked up, I feel like today is the last day of the week. It is the last day of the week with any free time for me!


siteseer said...

hope everything goes well at your appt today. See you later

Wendy said...

hope all is well!